Mold Remediation in Lake Forest IL

After we collect all the dust and dirt, we then apply an eco-friendly sanitizer that will kill any viruses, germs, and bacteria that may live in the system. When was the last time you moved every piece of furniture, scrubbed down those walls, attacked lost dust bunnies,or tackled the kind of cleaning project you remember from your childhood? If it’s been awhile, you may want to consider bringing in a team from Ecogenie to provide the kind of deep clean your home and family deserve.

The Very Best Lake Forest Mold Remediation Services

It starts with a little mildew in the corner of your bathroom, and before you know it, mold is crawling along your walls and through your grout. Don’t live with an unsightly mold problem. The professional mold remediation crew at Ecogenie is trained to not only clean out mold, but get rid of it for good.

Watch out for Potentially Harmful Mold!

More intense than simply cleaning, mold remediation helps eliminate your mold problem by:

  • Evaluating the Problem: Finding hidden mold colonies is the first step to getting rid of them.
  • Containing Spores: Mold spores move through the air. This can lead to outbreaks all over the house. That is why our team brings in high-tech HEPA air scrubbers during the cleaning process. They help eliminate any airborne spores that may be present and can lead to issues down the road. We will seal the contaminated area to contain mold.
  • Removing Mold (and their spores): Getting all mold spores cleared away is vital to keeping it from growing back. Our highly trained technicians will get into their HAZMAT suits, eliminating mold by using a product that kills mold on contact (RMR).
  • Encapsulate: When all the mold is eliminated we will then seal the affected area so nothing grows back.

It Is Now Time to get Ecogenie Mold Removal Solutions in Lake Forest

In the past 10 years, the mold removal industry has changed a lot. We at Ecogenie have evolved and changed to state of the art processes and machinery. The Ecogenie team is one you can trust to get the job done correctly and efficiently. Contact us today!