expert Mold Removal Service in Northbrook IL

Mold is everywhere – indoor, outdoors, in your home and in your office. No one can completely get away from it. While common, it still poses some health risks when left to grow. Every home has some amount of mold and mildew (which is mold in its immature state), so there is no reason to panic when discovered. But that doesn’t mean you can do nothing either. Mold releases spores that land on both porous and non-porous surfaces and then can grow in warm, moist conditions. Even the smallest leak or condensation can allow mold to grow.

Identifying Black Mold

Not every mold you see is the dangerous black mold you have likely heard so much about. Still, it important to take any mold outbreak seriously. One of the most dangerous aspects of black mold is that it can be hard to detect. Often forming in small cracks (often along the edges where drywall and ceiling joists meet) it can go unnoticed until someone in the household gets sick. One way to determine if the mold you see is black mold is to shine a black light on your walls: a yellow glow is an indicator of black mold. Professional mold remediation specialists can also test the mold in your home.

The Difference Between Mold Removal vs. Mold Remediation

While removing mold is important, if you don’t remediate the situation that mold is going to come back. So what is the difference between mold removal and mold remediation? Mold removal simply cleans mold from an area; residential mold remediation actually returns mold levels to normal. This is done using a multi-pronged approach:

  • mold-removal

    Evaluation: a professional mold remediation specialist knows how to find the source of mold colonies and determine the degree of the infiltration.

  • Containment: keeping mold colonies form spreading is vital to proper remediation.
  • Air filtration: Using high tech HEPA filters, airborne spores are cleared away, keeping regrowth minimal.
  • Removal: getting all mold spores cleaned away is vital to keeping it from growing back.
  • Cleaning: Since mold spores can hide in affected furniture, books, and clothing and more, it is important that your remediation service includes a thorough cleaning of all affected items in the home.


Call in Northbrook Mold Removal Professionals

Small amounts of residential mold removal can usually be handled on your own. But, if you have discovered larger amounts of mold growing behind walls, in closets, the basement or even behind wallpaper, you will likely need to bring in mold specialists to rid your home of this toxin. Serving the entire 60062 and 60065, the commercial mold remediation technicians at Ecogenie Cleaning Services are ready to step in and take care of the problem. What can a Northbrook mold specialists offer?

  • Trained and qualified mold remediation services
  • Quick response: mold can grow in just 48-72 hours, making a quick response essential in ridding your home of its toxic results.
  • Environmentally friendly results: our water remediation specialists are experts in removing mold in the most environmental friendly manner. Using advanced equipment and remediation methods, we know how to fix mold problems without risking your family to other dangerous chemicals or toxins.

What to Expect from Northbrook Mold Remediation Specialists

When you call in the expert team at ecogenie you can expect :

  • Detailed mold inspection
  • Complete mold removalSocial f
  • Expert care and friendly service
  • Service you can trust

If you notice mold growing in any space of your home within the 60062 or 60065 zip code area, call Ecogenie immediately for an evaluation and mold remediation plan.