Mold Removal Services in Barrington IL

You notice a small leak in your bathroom. Weeks later, there is mold growing in your linen closet. Is it time to panic? No. Every home has some amount of mold and mildew. It is simply part of nature. Problems can occur, though, when that mold is left to grow, infiltrating the walls and flooring.

Sometimes mold can begin in one room and end up in another. How? Because mold releases spores that float around the house. When they land on a surface (either porous and non-porous ), it can begin to grow. The most vulnerable places for mold growth are spots that are warm and moist like bathrooms, laundry rooms, kitchens, basements, and attics. Remember, even the smallest leak or condensation can allow mold to grow.

Is It Black Mold?

There are a lot of different kinds of mold, and just because it looks dark does not mean it is the dangerous black mold so many of us fear. In fact, most household molds are nothing more than nuisance.

Still you should take any mold outbreak seriously. One of the most dangerous things about black mold is that it is hard to detect. Often forming in small cracks, along edges of the drywall, or even in the wall or ceiling joists, it can go unnoticed until someone in the household gets sick. One way to determine if the mold in your house is black mold is to shine a black light on your walls. If it glows yellow, it is black mold. Professional mold remediation specialists can also test the mold in your home.

What’s the Difference Between Mold Removal and Mold Remediation?

When you find mold in your house, you want to scrub it clean. But that is only the first step. Cleaning it will not necessarily rid you of the problem. Cleaning the area only gets rod of the mold in that area; it doesn’t get rid of the spores that caused it.

Mold remediation actually returns mold levels to normal, thus prohibiting new growth. When you call in the expert mold remediation tem at EcoGenie in Barrington, you will see how they handle mold. Using a a comprehensive approach, they will:

  • Evaluate the Problem: as professional mold remediation specialists the EcoGenie team seeks out mold colonies to determine the degree of the infiltration.
  • Contain the Problem: in order to stop mold from growing in other places in your home, you must contain the mold (and its spores).
  • Filter The Air Inside the Home: Using high tech HEPA filters, airborne spores are cleared away, keeping regrowth minimal.
  • Remove Lingering Spores: getting all mold spores cleaned away is vital to keeping it from growing back.
  • Clean Auxiliary items: Mold spores at good at hiding. That is why our team looks for lingering mold in books, furniture, and clothing in the affected area so they can be removed and cleaned.

Call in the Mold Removal Barrington Professionals

Discovering mold on your walls, grout or even behind your wallpaper can be scary. Call in the professional mold radiation team at EcoGenie Barrington to get to the root of the problem, and get your home clear of any mold. Serving the entire zip code area of 60010 and 60011, EcoGenie is ready to tackle any mold problem you find.

What can you expect from our Barrington team?

  • Trained and qualified mold remediation services
  • Quick response: mold can grow in just 48-72 hours, making a quick response essential in ridding your home of its toxic results.
  • Environmentally friendly results: our water remediation specialists are experts in removing mold in the most environmental friendly manner. Using advanced equipment and remediation methods, we know how to fix mold problems without risking your family to other dangerous chemicals or toxins.
  • Detailed mold inspection
  • Complete mold removal
  • Expert care and friendly service
  • Service you can trust

No matter how big or small your mold problem, Contact EcoGenie today for help.