Air Duct Cleaning in Arlington Heights, IL

Air pollution is one the rise. It is everywhere: at the office; at the mall; even in your home. It is becoming so bad that the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has called poor air quality the fourth worst health risk affecting the general population today. With air pollution – and its consequences – on the rise, what can we do to safeguard our families against its health risks? While you may not have much control of the air you breathe outside of your home, you can do something about it inside your home. Get your air ducts cleaned.

Clean Air Ducts Reduce Illness

You work hard to keep germs and bacteria from making your family sick. But have you ever considered the contaminants they could be breathing in? The average home harbors thousands of airborne contaminants including dangerous viruses and bacteria. Residential duct cleaning can help get rid of these dangers and give your family cleaner air to breathe.

How an Arlington Heights Air Duct Cleaning Service Can Help

Cleaning up your home’s air is not a job you can usually do yourself. While you may be able to open some of your ducts and sweep them out, only a certified cleaning specialist has the tools – and the know-how – to get the job done right. The air quality specialists at Ecogenie Cleaning in Arlington Heights, IL offers in-depth residential duct cleaning that not only gets rid of dust and dirt clogging your ducts, but can also deodorize and disinfect them too. Jeu roulette en ligne.

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What can a professional duct cleaning do or your home and family? The experts at Ecogenie offer:

  • Improved air quality: with the dirt and grime cleaned out of your ductwork, you can rest assured that any nasty bacteria or viruses lingering there are gone. This can help reduce all sorts of medical problems including upper respiratory problems; cold and flu; asthma; allergies; and more.
  • A more efficient heating and cooling system: clean ducts allow air to flow more efficiently, which allows your heating and cooling system to work at peak capacity.
  • As much as 30% in reduced energy costs: the more efficiently your heating and cooling system works, the less it will cost you to keep your home at a comfortable temperature.

Say Goodbye to Dirty Air Ducts in Arlington Heights

The fact is, everyone’s household ducts are dirty. The question is: how dirty? There is no way to know what dangers are lurking in your home’s ductwork until you have a professional conduct an assessment. When you call the team at Ecogenie Cleaning you can be assured that our trained technicians will:

  • Inspect and clean the entire system
  • Use only vacuum and HEPA filtration equipment to keep contaminants from reentering the home
  • Protect your furnishings during the cleaning process
  • Take care to protect your ductwork
  • Follow industry standards when cleaning your ducts

Once we have determined the degree of contamination, our team will get to work using our high tech equipment to clear out and deodorize those dirty ducts.

Serving the entire Arlington Heights zip code area of 60004-60006, Ecogenie Cleaning strives to offer the absolute best in air duct cleaning care. Contact us today for a free estimate.