Air Duct Cleaning in Barrington IL

If you have noticed a lot of sniffles, wheezes, and sneezes in your house or office lately, then it may be time to clean out those air ducts.

Dirty Air Ducts Can Spread Illness

You take a lot of time to keep your environment clear of germs – especially during cold a flu season. But if you fail to clean the ducts that are circulating in the air inside, you could be spreading the result of every sneeze and cough to everyone in the building. The average room harbors thousands of airborne contaminants including dangerous viruses and bacteria. Residential duct cleaning can help get rid of these dangers and give your family cleaner air to breathe.

How a Barrington Air Duct Cleaning Service Can Help

When it comes to clearing the air you breathe every day, you need to bring in the experts. While you may be able to sweep out those dirty ducts, the average homeowner does not have the knowledge (or the tools) to strip away both dirt and grime along with dangerous bacteria, mold and viruses that could be clinging to the inside of those air ducts.

Call the air quality specialists at Ecogenie Cleaning in Barrington for a comprehensive cleanout that includes a complete dirt cleaning, as well as a professional deodorizing and disinfecting too.

When you call on Ecogenie for help, you can rest assured that you will benefit from:

  • Improved air quality: getting rid of all that built up residue in your air ducts can dramatically improve air quality in your home or office. Once it is free of dirt, dust, and bacteria, everyone should feel better and all of those nasty colds and allergies will go away.
  • A more efficient heating and cooling system: clean ducts allow air to flow more efficiently. This can save you hundreds of dollars every year on utility costs.
  • A safer environment: no one wants to breathe dirty air. Not only can it make you feel miserable, it can be dangerous. Keeping those ducts clean can help alleviate the risk of ongoing medical problems.

Say Goodbye to Dirty Ducts in Barrington

Getting your air ducts cleaned – and keeping them that way – is important when it comes to eliminating the dangers associated with indoor air pollution. To determine how dirty your ducts are, you will need to call Ecogenie Cleaning for a professional assessment. During their visit they will:

  • Inspect and clean the entire system
  • Use only vacuum and HEPA filtration equipment to keep contaminants from reentering the home
  • Protect your furnishings during the cleaning process
  • Take care to protect your ductwork
  • Follow industry standards when cleaning your ducts

Once we have determined the degree of contamination, our team will get to work using our high tech equipment to clear out and deodorize those dirty ducts.

Serving the entire Barrington zip code region of 60010 and 60011, Ecogenie Cleaning works hard to give you the kind of clean air you deserve. Call today for a free estimate.