Air Duct Cleaning in Lake Forest

Another time you will benefit from getting a deep cleaning is before moving into a new home or residence. It is possible that one or more of the previous owners were smokers, which would mean that the air quality, if not properly addressed is more than likely very poor and not good for your long term health. If you take a closer look at the walls, streaks may be present.

A critical time for Air Duct Cleaning is post construction. Construction dust is a general term used on a construction site. There are three main types of construction dust:

  • Silica dust – Silica is a natural mineral present in large amounts in things like sand, sandstone and granite. It is also commonly found in many construction materials such as concrete and mortar. The silica is broken into very fine dust (also known as Respirable Crystalline Silica or RCS) during many common tasks such as cutting, drilling, and grinding
  • Non-silica dust – There are a number of construction products where silica is either not found or present in very low amounts. The most common ones include gypsum, cement, limestone, marble and dolomite. This dust is also mixed with silica dust when cutting things like bricks.
  • Wood dust – Wood is commonly used in construction and found in two main forms: softwood and hardwood. MDF and chipboard are wood-based products that are commonly used

What Can I Expect From an Air Duct Cleaning in Lake Forest IL?

When you hire Ecogenie to handle your seasonal deep cleaning, you should expect to receive exceptional results. We provide the services of multiple highly skilled technicians who will clean all the areas that you want cleaned using only the best professional equipment and cleaning supplies. We suggest beginning with the cleaning of your air ducts.

Perfect Air Quality For You

After we are done cleaning the air ducts we will bring in air scrubbers to collect all the floaters that are present in your home into a filter and then distributes perfect air into the environment. We  then start scrubbing walls and baseboards and cleaning off any scuff marks or dirt,cleaning the tops of doors and windowsills, behind your appliances. We also polish all woodwork, clean and buff floors, and disinfect all counters and cabinets. Contact Ecogenie today for a consultation!

A thorough deep cleaning service also includes:

Indoor air pollution is a real epidemic. No matter how clean your home, the air inside may be hazardous to occupants’ health, according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), which has cited indoor air pollution as a top health risk amongst Americans. Clean your air by bringing in the professional duct cleaning experts at Ecogenie to remove dangerous mold, bacteria, viruses, and allergens that could be making your family sick by offering:

  • A thorough inspection and cleaning of your entire system
  • Less contamination: Using only vacuum and HEPA filtration equipment to keep contaminants from reentering the home
  • Protection for your furnishings during the cleaning process
  • Ductwork protection
  • Following industry standards when cleaning your ducts

Get Duct cleaninghelpin Lake Forest, Illinois

Who has time to tackle the forgotten dirt hiding ins your homes unseen nooks and crannies? Lucky for you, you don’t need to do it at all – the cleaning crew at Ecogenie will! Serving the entire Lake Forest Area and zip code of 60045, Ecogenie offers free estimates for all of our deep cleaning jobs. Call today at (847)461-3105 to schedule your deep cleaning estimate.