Carpet Cleaning in Arlington Heights, IL

Don’t sit on your carpet – it is full of germs and bacteria! Yes, it is true: the carpet may be the dirtiest spot in the house (including the bathroom!). But I vacuum every day, you may be thinking. That’s not enough. Some experts estimate that even the cleanest carpet in the cleanest home can harbor thousands of bacteria and viruses deep within their fibers. So what is your carpet hiding?

  • Bacteria: Bacterium love dark, warm places. Everything from Nora virus (stomach flu) to e-coli and salmonella could be hiding in your carpeting.
  • Mold and Mildew: Mold and mildew thrive in damp areas, making carpeted entryways, mud rooms, laundry areas, basements, bathrooms and kitchens most susceptible to mold growth.
  • Fungus: Natural fibers like wool and cotton are great hiding places for fungus. Not only can fungus spread, but it can cause serious allergic reactions in some people.
  • Dirt and Food: Carpeting in dining areas often harbor small crumbs and food remnants. Even small pieces you can’t see can decay in the fibers, attracting bugs and even mice. Plus it leads to dangerous bacteria growth.
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Is Daily Cleaning Enough?

Vacuuming carpets can help pick up loose dirt and make your rugs look fresh. But it rarely gets to that deep grime that can build up in the fibers, causing your family to shuffle, sniffle and sneeze. The only way to really get to that deep down dirt is to hire a professional carpet cleaner with the kind of powerful equipment that is designed to tackle more serious bacteria and mold infiltration.

Types of Carpet Cleaning in Arlington Heights

When it comes to handling your residential carpet cleaning in Arlington Heights IL, there are several cleaning options available:


A common cleaning method shampooing uses foam solvent that is applied to the carpet and allowed to dry.

The foam, as it dries, attracts dust and dirt particles to it. When the foam is dried, the carpet cleaner simply vacuums it up, along with all the dirt.

Dry Powder Cleaning

This method to get a clean carpet sues a dry absorbing compound sprinkled on your carpet, followed by scrubbing done with a machine’s with brushes that work the compound into the fibers. The agent attracts dirt and absorbs it and then you can vacuum away the cleaner and dirt.

Types of Carpet Cleaning Machines

Different types of carpeting require different kinds of cleaning machines and methods. The professional carpet cleaners at Ecogenie use a variety of cleaning methods –machines – depending on the type of cleaning job being handled. While a residence may require a standard steam machine, a commercial property may need a harsher cleaning approach.

Carpet Cleaning Services Offered In Arlington Heights

Looking for a quality carpet cleaning service that can handle any job? The expert team at Ecogenie Cleaning can handle any carpet cleaning job including:

  • Apartments
  • Houses
  • Offices
  • Shops

Ready to make your carpets livable again? Contact Ecogenie today for a free consultation.