Carpet Cleaning Services in Northbrook

What’s the dirtiest place in your home? I bet you never considered that it could be your carpeting. Vacuuming may make your carpets look clean, but as it ages it can hide some deep dirt. Some reports indicate that older carpets that are not cleaned deeply enough can contain as many as 200,000 bacteria and even viruses within their fibers.

Dangerous Bacteria

Carpeting is a great place for bacteria to thrive. Dark, warm and sometimes even moist (especially if located in bathrooms, basements and kitchen areas), bacteria such as Noravirus, Salmonella, e-coli and Campylobache are commonly found in household carpeting.

Mold and Mildew

Mold and mildew thrive in damp areas. This makes carpeting in entryways, mud rooms, laundry areas, basements, bathrooms and kitchens most susceptible.


Carpets made of natural fibers like wool or cotton can be the perfect breeding ground for fungus if they are not cared for carefully. This can cause severe allergic reactions in some people.

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Carpeting that is near open windows usually contain high levels of pollen during the spring and summer months. This can be a problem if you are allergic to it.

Dirt and Food

Carpeting in dining areas often harbor small crumbs and food remnants. Even small pieces you can’t see can decay in the fibers, attracting bugs and even mice. Plus it leads to dangerous bacteria growth.

Is Northbrook Carpet Cleaning Enough?

Vacuuming may make your carpets looks fresh, but they rarely get that deep seeded dirt and grime that could be causing your family to sniffle, sneeze and itch. Deep cleaning your carpets with a professional steam machine can help to pull out that deep dirt that could be causing a bacteria or mold growth. If you decide to clean your carpets, be sure to use a professional service that uses high end machines and disinfect the carpets in addition to cleaning and deodorizing.

Types of Carpet Cleaning

When it comes to handling your residential carpet cleaning in Northbrook IL, there are several cleaning options available:


This method of cleaning carpets involves using a foam solvent that is applied to the carpet and allowed to dry.

The foam, as it dries, attracts dust and dirt particles to it. When the foam is dried, the cleaner simply vacuums it up, along with all the dirt.

Dry Powder Cleaning

This method to get a clean carpet involves using a dry absorbing compound. The powder is sprinkled on your carpet and then a machine’s brushes work it into the fibers. The agent attracts dirt and absorbs it and then you can vacuum away the cleaner and dirt.

Types of Carpet Cleaning Machines

Different types of carpeting require different kinds of cleaning machines and methods. The professional carpet cleaners at Ecogenie Cleaning understand what type of cleaning machines are needed for both residential carpet cleaning and commercial carpet cleaning. Here are a few options that you can expect when bringing in our expert crew:

  • The Cylindrical Foam Shampooer creates a dry foam in the machine and then applies it to the carpet with revolving cylindrical brushes.
  • The Rotary Shampooer sprays the shampoo directly onto the carpet and uses rotary brushes to whip it into a foam.
  • Steam Cleaning is the most common commercial carpet cleaning method used by our professionals. It allows the carpeting to be cleaned and dried in one simple step.

Carpet Cleaning Services Offered In Northbrook

Looking for a quality carpet cleaning service that can handle any job?The expert team at Ecogenie Cleaning can handle:

  • Apartment carpet cleaning: no job is too small for our crew
  • Residential carpet cleaning: keep the carpets in your house clean and safe with our speciality home cleaning, deodorizing and disinfecting services
  • Commercial Carpet Cleaning: from a single office to a full size office building, we can keep your business carpets looking great.

To get started on your cleaning project, contact us today.