Commercial Carpet Cleaning in Naperville

First impressions really do count. If a client walks into your office and notices that the carpets are dirty, dingy and rundown looking, they are going to take note. Make sure that your office makes the right impression with crisp clean carpets.

Why Commercial Carpet Cleaning in Naperville is Important

A dirty floor gets noticed. Whether you are trying to instill confidence in your clientele, or you want to make sure that your workforce feels comfortable, keeping your office space looking nice is vital to your business success. Besides, dirty carpets can make the people working there sick. Here are the facts:

  • Carpet fibers can harbor more than 200,000 different bacteria and viruses
  • No matter how much you vacuum, dirt and grime gets ground into the depths of carpet fibers
  • Carpets can be one of the dirtiest places in a home or office
  • Dirty carpets can agitate allergies and increase viral epidemics in an office setting

So what are some of the biggest dangers hiding deep within your office carpet? Dangerous bacteria tops the list. From Nora virus to E-coli and Salmonella, most carpets turn into a breeding ground for bacteria if not cleaned and disinfected regularly.

Fungus too can be a real problem, since fungi love natural fibers to breed. This can cause serious allergic reactions in some people.

Of course other allergens like pollen can be a real problem for employees. With doors and windows being opened regularly, office carpets usually become a magnet for pollen, which can become an allergy trigger.

Is Regular Cleaning Enough?

You may have a very good janitorial team that vacuums every evening and keeps up with spills and stains. . Unfortunately, that may not be enough. Deep cleaning those dirty carpets with a commercial grade steam machine may be the only way to lift deep down dirt. In addition, you will want to make sure that your commercial carpet cleaning service also disinfects all of your carpets to help eliminate bacteria growth.

What Kind of Carpet Cleaning Is Best for My Naperville Office?

Depending on the type of carpeting in your office, and how much traffic it gets, you may have several options for commercial carpet cleaning service. Shampooing can be a good option over holidays when no one will be in the office for a few days. It uses water and foam to lift dirt and grime from carpet fibers, but can leave the area feeling damp for a few hours.

Steam cleaning is another good option for high traffic areas, using steam to disinfect the carpeting and a high powered suction machine to pull out any dirt that may be ground deep into carpet fibers.

Areas that do not get much traffic can sometimes be cleaned using a dry powder method. While not as efficient in commercial settings, it is good for low traffic areas or in between deep cleanings. This method uses a dry absorbing compound that is sprinkled on the top of the carpet. Then a commercial cleaning machine is used to work the compound into the carpet fibers. The agent attracts and absorbs the dirt, bringing it to the surface where it can be vacuumed away.

The type of cleaning process used will depend a great deal on the commercial cleaning service you choose and what equipment they have available.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services Offered

When you need a quality carpet cleaning service for your commercial building, look no further than the experts at Ecogenie Cleaning. Servicing the entire Naperville zip code area of 60540- and 60563-60567, our team of professional carpet cleaning pros can tackle any job.

From a single office to a full size office building, our team can be in and out in no time, leaving behind clean carpets that have been scrubbed, disinfected and deodorized. For a free consultation and estimate contact us at the Ecogenie customer care center today.