Expert Deep Cleaning in Northbrook IL

No matter how much you try to keep your home or office neat and tidy, eventually the area is going to need a deep cleaning to bring it back to its former luster and shine. If getting into every nook and cranny of a room isn’t something you relish doing yourself, it may be time to consider bringing in reinforcements. The cleaning crew at Ecogenie Cleaning is experienced in handling all types of deep cleaning throughout the Northbrook IL area. From small apartments to luxury homes and even office buildings, our trained professional team is ready to lend a hand.

Why Deep Cleaning is Important

Don’t understand the importance of deep cleaning? There are some good reasons to make sure your home and office are thoroughly scrubbed from time to time:

  • Deep cleaning helps rid the area of dust and allergens: if you suffer with allergies, taking the time to get rid of those dust bunnies hiding all over the room can help to alleviate symptoms.
  • Deep cleaning bathrooms cut down on mold and mildew: every home has mold. Even though it is so common, it is still important to keep those spores under control so that you don’t have to face the dangers of black mold down the line.
  • Deep cleaning makes your furniture, flooring and appliances last longer. A good deep clean of your home or office can help to preserve your carpets, furniture and even appliances. Dust and dirt can gather on hard to reach appliance coils, shortening the life of the appliance, and dirt gets ground into carpets, cutting fibers. This makes the carpet look shabby and worn. By taking the time to wash down walls, clean woodwork and scrub tile, you can prolong the life of paint, keep scratches from dulling wood and making grout look fresh again.

When to Call Deep Cleaning Help in Northbrook

While it is not necessary to deep clean a space often, there are some times when it is necessary:

  • Seasonally: as the seasons outside change, so do your needs within your home or office. Spring is a wonderful time to open windows and clean sills, windows, curtains and shades. The warm weather of summer lends itself well to cleaning outside spaces, while winter is a wonderful time for some deep scrubbing before or after the holidays.
  • Moving Time: moving from one place to another offers the perfect opportunity to deep clean every inch of the building or space. With furniture gone and rooms left empty, you can reach all of those hard to get to spaces and give the room a through scrubbing.
  • When The Space Looks Dull: sometimes all it takes to make a room look fresh again is a good scrubbing. Taking care of dirty windows; stained furniture; and dust covered lighting can give a room a whole new look.
  • When You Become Overwhelmed: life tends to get busy and cleaning often gets pushed aside. Eventually all of those jobs you have been putting off for another day pile up and you find yourself overwhelmed by the task. This is a good time to bring in a professional cleaning crew to handle a deep cleaning to get your living and work space back into order.


Deep Cleaning Services in Northbrook IL

You know what a normal cleaning day entails, but what should you expect from a deep cleaning? When you deep clean a space you want to be sure that areas that tend to get neglected take top priority. Here are a few deep cleaning areas to consider:

  • Scrubbing walls
  • Cleaning our closets and cupboards
  • Scrubbing tile
  • Washing curtains and rapes
  • Sweeping under and behind furniture
  • Scrubbing woodwork and trim
  • Washing windows
  • Shining light fixtures
  • Dusting and vacuuming Dryer Vents (ex: the back coils of the refrigerator)

Commercial vs. Residential Deep Cleaning

It doesn’t matter whether you need a small apartment; a large home or a commercial office building cleaned, the experts at Ecogenie Cleaning are ready to roll up their sleeves and get to work. While cleaning a home is different than cleaning an office, one thing is certain: every area that is used regularly needs to be cleaned thoroughly a few times a year. Tackling jobs like grout cleaning; carpet shampooing; bathroom fixes and more is something that our professional team can handle with ease.

Why Choose Ecogenie Cleaning

Why handle those deep cleaning jobs yourself when you can hand them off to an expert crew trained in tackling even the dirtiest job and getting your space looking like new again. Contact Ecogenie Cleaning to schedule an appointment now.