Deep Cleaning Services in Skokie IL

Your regular cleaning crew makes sure that your residences are tidy before the start of every business day. But have you ever thought of the dirt and grime that could be hiding in those nooks and crannies? Standard cleaning can’t get it all. That is why you need to bring in a deep cleaning crew to get to all of those forgotten areas of the residence.

Is Deep Cleaning The office Really Necessary?

Your residence is a big place. With so many people in and out all day long and so much work going on, there are plenty of germs hanging around. This can increase workplace illnesses – and unproductive days. Tackle those germs with a deep cleaning that seeks out the dust, dirt, bacteria, virus and fungi that lurks in your residence.

What Does Deep Cleaning Entail?

Deep cleaning can be everything from moving furniture and scrubbing down the walls to tackling mold buildup on bathroom floors and scrubbing every desk and chair. Of course, there are some essential deep cleaning chores a professional will want to tackle.

Carpets Get Cleaned in Skokie

Carpeting harbors all sorts of bacteria and virus. No matter how often it is vacuumed, dust, dander and worse find their way deep into fibers. There they grow and multiply. To keep carpeting clean and looking fresh, the pros at Ecogenie will bring in their heavy-duty equipment to attack those hidden health dangers.

Mold Removal Services Offered In Skokie

Mold grows quickly and in anresidence setting that can be dangerous. The professional mold remediation crew at Ecogenie is trained to not only clean mold, but get rid of it. This includes:

The Ilo Cleaning Cleanup Washing

  • Evaluating the Problem: Our professional mold remediation specialists seek out mold colonies and evaluate the degree of infiltration so they can better devise a plan for its removal.
  • Containing Spores: Keeping mold colonies from spreading is vital to proper remediation. That is why our team works hard to contain the contamination while removal is taking place.
  • Filtering Air to Keep Spores from Spreading: Using high tech HEPA filters, airborne spores are cleared away, keeping regrowth minimal.
  • Removing Mold (and their spores): getting all mold spores cleaned away is vital to keeping it from growing back.
  • Cleaning: It is not enough to simply clean the moldy area in the room. You also have to clean items where spores could be hiding like in furniture, books, and papers.

Air Duct Cleaning Keeps Air Healthier

Do your employees suffer with a lot of sniffles, wheezing or other cold symptoms? It may not be an attack of cold or flu germs – it could be the air they are breathing. Dirty air is commonplace among today’s residence buildings. But, you can lower the risk of developing medical problems due to dirty air by bringing in the professional duct cleaning crew from Ecogenie to freshen the air and remove dangerous mold, bacteria, viruses and allergens from it.

When you have your residence ducts cleaned by Ecogenie you will also get:

  • A thorough inspection and cleaning of your entire system
  • Less contamination: Using only vacuum and HEPA filtration equipment to keep contaminants from reentering the home
  • Protection for your furnishings during the cleaning process
  • Ductwork protection
  • Following industry standards when cleaning your ducts

Get Cleaning Help in Skokie

Deep cleaning your residence will make it look cleaner fresher and make it healthier for your staff and clients. Serving the entire Skokie business zip code area of 60018, Ecogenie offers free estimates for all of their deep cleaning jobs. Contact us today for an appointment!