Deep Cleaning Services in Schaumburg, IL

Give your normal cleaning routine a boost and enjoy the fresh look and feel of a home free of hidden dirt and grime. Dirt likes to hide and that can make it difficult to keep up. You may struggle to get to those everyday messes your family leaves behind, which leaves those jobs no one really sees, like woodwork, windows, behind furniture and more, left for another day. That is why scheduling a periodic deep cleaning service from Ecogenie is so important. It gives you the chance to get to that leftover dirt and grime, and keep your house free of the germs that could make your family sick.

What Does Deep Cleaning Really Do?

You work hard to keep your home neat and tidy. But is it clean? Really clean? When you call Ecogenie you are assured that all of those nooks and crannies are scrubbed, Call in our job and enjoy:

  • An allergen free environment
  • Less mold and mildew buildup in your bathrooms
  • Longer Lasting Furniture, flooring and appliances

When to Call for Deep Cleaning Help

Deep cleaning isn’t something you have to worry about weekly (or even monthly). But there are times to think about it:

  • At the change of seasons
  • When You
  • When the Space Needs a Lift
  • When You Feel Overwhelmed

Deep Cleaning Services in Schaumburg

The cleaning crew at Ecogenie specializes in tackling those jobs that often get neglected (or forgotten). This may include:

  • Scrubbing walls
  • Cleaning out closets and cupboards
  • Scrubbing tile
  • Washing curtains and rapes
  • Sweeping under and behind furniture
  • Scrubbing woodwork and trim
  • Washing windows
  • Shining light fixtures
  • Dusting and vacuuming behind appliances (ex: the back coils of the refrigerator)

Specialty Deep Cleaning Services

Getting into those nooks and crannies are important, but don’t forget these important specialty jobs offered by Ecogenie’s deep cleaning team:

Carpet Cleaning Services

NO matter how much you vacuum, you can’t reach all of the dirt and bacteria building up in your carpet fibers. To get rid of deep down dirt and grime, you will need to bring an expert carpet cleaning crew that has the knowledge and the equipment to clean, disinfect and deodorize those nasty carpets.

Extremely Detailed Mold & Mildew Removal

Keeping mold and mildew under control can be a real struggle. One reason may be because you don’t know how to get rid of it. While signs of mold and mildew should be cleaned regularly, to keep it from coming back, mold remediation is necessary. This helps rid your home of spores that could land in other rooms.

How is mold remediation done? The team at Ecogenie know exactly how to get rid of mold once and for all. This includes:

  • Evaluating the area: our professional mold remediation specialists have the training to seek out mold colonies and evaluate the degree of infiltration.
  • Containing mold colonies.
  • Filtering the air: Using high tech HEPA filters, airborne spores are cleared away, keeping regrowth minimal.
  • Removing mold spores.
  • Cleaning auxiliary items: Since mold spores can hide in affected furniture, books, and clothing and more, our remediation specialists take the time to clean all affected items in the home.

Air Duct Cleaning in Schaumburg

Professional duct cleaning is a great way to cut down on dust and mold throughout your home. Plus it can help make the air easier (and healthier) to breathe. What can the professional duct cleaning experts at Ecogenie offer?

  • A thorough inspection and cleaning of your entire system
  • Less contamination: Using only vacuum and HEPA filtration equipment to keep contaminants from reentering the home
  • Protection for your furnishings during the cleaning process
  • Ductwork protection
  • Following industry standards when cleaning your ducts

Why Choose Ecogenie for Your Deep Cleaning Needs

If you are looking for a professional crew to deep clean your home, be sure to call Ecogenie today for a free consultation or appointment. Servicing the entire Schaumburg zip code area of 60159, 60168 and 60173, we can handle any sized project and get your house looking fresh once again. Contact us today to get started on your cleaning project.