Air Duct Cleaning

Many residential and commercial facilities might require occasional air duct cleaning services to make sure that ducts are clear of bacteria and other types of particles that can cause potential harm to ventilation systems and health issues for occupants. Our thorough air duct cleaning service can keep your HVAC systems clean using innovative technology that can give you the best possible results. Following our services, you’ll benefit from ducts that no longer contain particles that can accumulate over the years.

How Air Duct Cleaning Works

Our residential air duct cleaning method is a combination of suction and agitation. We attach a negative air machine that essentially works as an ultra vacuum working at a high efficiency of 5000+ CFM’s. We then agitate the dirt particles in the system with an air compressor using 200psi making the particles in the system airborne which allows us too push all the dust and particles towards the negative air machine.

Using this process, we can effectively clean many types of duct systems and help them run more efficiently while avoiding further buildup.


Top-of-the-Line Residential Air Duct Cleaning Equipment

Every piece of residential air duct cleaning equipment we use is manufactured by NIKRO industries located in Villa Park, Illinois. We use the SL4000 Dual Motor, 3-stage filtration system that has a final stage 99.9% HEPA filter. We use state-of-the-art air duct cleaning equipment that can remove 99.97% of particulates as small as 0.3 microns in size—which is small enough to not be visible by the human eye. That includes yeast cells, molds, bacteria, pollen, plant spores, tobacco smoke and more) assuring that only absolute clean air will be returned back into the environment the next time the furnace is turned on.

Benefit From an Efficient Air Duct Cleaning Today

When we are finished collecting every particle in the system, we will sanitize using an EPA registered disinfectant, all natural sealer and deodorizer throughout to kill biological contamination such as any viruses, molds and bacterias that may be living in your system and make the air ducts fresh and like new. The average time it takes to us to clean the air ducts in a home is 4-5 hours. That cleaning will help you reduce dust, decrease the amount of allergens in your home, reduce illness and save on energy costs.

Following our cleaning services, your home will benefit from cleaner air and a more efficient HVAC system.

Get Reliable Residential Air Duct Cleaning in Chicago, IL Today

At Ecogenie, we offer free consultations and estimates, so you know exactly what to expect and the work that will be required to achieve the best results. Let us breathe fresh air into your home.

Ecogenie also offers a variety of other residential cleaning services to improve many types of facilities, including carpet cleaning, deep cleaning, dryer vent cleaning, and mold removal. We can also provide commercial cleaning services for many types of businesses and larger residential complexes. For air duct cleaning, another service, or a combination of services to help make your facility cleaner, contact us today. We’re ready to help you immediately.