Carpet Cleaning

We are a top #1 rated carpet cleaning company that guarentees exceptional results. Nothing bothers the genie more than a dirty carpet.  The first step of our cleaning process is awakening the fibers of the carpet with a brisk and steady  using a carpet rake. The second step is to apply the eco freindley carpet cleaning agent Code Green allowing proper time for it to soak into the fiber of the carpet, we also treat all high traffic area lanes and bad spots such as wine or pet urine accordingly.  The third step is to steam vacuum  the carpet using very hot water and powerful suction leaving the carpets as dry as possible when finished.  The final step is to apply fabric rinse to the the carpet, this will allow for the carpet to dry  with out any browning or yellow spotting all awhile leaving the carpets soft and smelling fresh.

Our residential carpet cleaning services can give your home what it needs to remain cleaner and safer for occupants. Using our environmentally friendly equipment and innovative cleaning technology, you’ll be able to see a clear difference in your carpets following these services.

#1 Carpet Cleaning Service in Chicago, IL

Nothing bothers the genie more than a dirty carpet. Whether it’s your magic carpet or your area rug, your carpets can be a primary contributor to germs and allergens in your home, so it’s wise to clean them every 12 to 18 months. At Ecogenie, we offer free in-home estimates, as well as pick-up and drop-off services for your area and oriental rugs. Many homeowners may tend to neglect to clean their carpets, unaware that lingering viruses and other types of contaminants may inhabit these materials. It’s important to make sure that both you and any other residents or guests are protected against allergens, bacteria, and other potentially harmful particles, which our extensive carpet cleaning services can remove.

Efficient Residential Carpet Cleaning For Many Types Of Carpeting

We offer cleaning services for all synthetic and natural material carpets, as well as area rugs and oriental rugs, and will only use certified environmentally friendly products. We clean each area, custom or oriental rug by hand, including its fringes. Prior to starting on any cleaning project, we’ll make sure you understand the extent of the project and our process.

Reasons for Getting Chicago Residential Carpet Cleaning

There are several benefits of getting carpet cleaning for your home, including:

– Routine carpet cleaning can eliminate any lingering virus from your home.
– Carpet cleaning can remove bacteria from your home that can live for over four weeks in carpets.
– Bed bugs will be removed from your carpet fibers
– You will extend the life and look of your carpets and rugs

With the help of our carpet cleaning services in Chicago, your carpet will look cleaner than ever while helping eliminate pests and buildup that can accumulate over time. We can restore your carpet to near-original condition, helping you avoid the need to purchase and install new carpeting. You’ll also be able to prevent the need for frequent cleaning.

Get Thorough Residential Carpet Cleaning and More Today

Along with Chicago residential carpet cleaning services, we also offer other residential and commercial cleaning services to improve the air quality and appearance of any location, including air duct cleaning, dryer vent cleaning, deep cleaning, and mold removal. A combination of these services can fully restore nearly any type of facility, preventing air pollution and potential health issues that can arise from dust, mold, or other particles that leak into the air. In addition to home cleaning services, we can also provide services for many types of commercial buildings and larger residential facilities, keeping residents and visitors healthier while also ensuring that the facility remains consistently clean.

To get started on a cleaning project today, contact Ecogenie at any time to discuss your individual needs. We’re ready to provide you with the assistance you need for projects of nearly any extent.