Deep Cleaning

Expert Deep Cleaning Services

A deep clean by Ecogenie cleaning means that no less than 4 highly skilled technicians will clean every inch of your home. A typical Ecogenie deep clean starts with the cleaning of the air ducts. Getting all the dirt and debris out of the air duct system is essential because if you clean the home and not the air ducts, as soon as your System is turned on… all the dirt in the vents will be pushed back into living space environment.  We collect every particle out of the air ducts and then reseal all the openings so no debris can re-enter.  We then bring in air scrubbers into the home that essentially collect all the particles (floaters) present in the home thru multiple filters and then distributes good air into the home. We then clean every inch of your home assuring that when we leave your will have pristine air quality and restored to its finest.


Reliable residential Deep Cleaning

– Air ducts (Cleaned and sanitized)
– Ceilings, walls and closets
– Windows, screens, ledges and frames
– Doors, knobs and hinges
– Ceiling fans, chandeliers, light fixtures and sconces (everything get’s touched)
– Polishing of wood beams, molding, railings, posts, cabinets—everything except the floors
– Bathrooms (even mildew)
– Kitchen, including all appliances, cabinets and pantry
– Carpets (nothing bothers the genie more then a dirty carpet
– Garage cleaned (walls & ceiling)
– Floors (buffed, waxed)

Get your space cleaned Today!

We get the grime and dirt out that your general cleaner won’t dare tackle. If you are in need of a solid deep clean then please do not hesitate an contact us now. It’s not quite a magical snap of the finger —deep cleaning takes time. But our team is efficient, we always have multiple highly skilled  technicians cleaning at once,  we are extremely thorough and will leave your home completely refreshed or restored.